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MicPol® Technology

Next generation technology - developed today! Resulting in superior performance and significant cost savings

Interflon works closely with customers worldwide to significantly cut maintenance costs and energy usage.

Interflon's unique MicPol® technology lubricants reduce friction more than conventional lubricants. Read more

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Halal certificate

Interflon is proud to announce that we have received HALAL certification for the entire selection Food-Grade products from Interflon product portfolio...

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Interflon Food Lube HT

Interflon Food Lube HT is a long life synthetic lubricating oil with MicPol® Technology. At high temperatures and under very heavy load...

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Rolling Bearings

Imagine what a day at work would be like if only your bearing grease lifecycles could be extended by 10 percent, 25 percent - even 35% or...

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Lubrication Consultants

Your lubrication requires tailor-made advice from a specialist with the necessary experience and technical knowledge.

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