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  • 80% less Grease Consumption and Lower Environmental Impact.

    Grease Consumption of Cutter Shaft Bearings

    Fin Grease LS2

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  • By using an additive, a saving of €25,668 for the compressor was achieved.

    Oil change intervals extended 4x for a compressor in the printing industry.

    Interflon Finnoly NT500

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  • Reduction in Wear and Tear and Grease Consumption of Pin Bus Connectors

    Bucket Pin Bus Connectors

    Fin Grease LS 2

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  • € 18,228 saved on the bearings in 14 excavators.

    Extension of the lubrication interval of excavators.

    Interfon Fin Greaste LS2

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  • €9,680 saved for the lubrication of the gear wheel.

    Lubrication of the gear wheel of a potato packing machine.

    Interflon Fin Grease

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  • Reduction gearboxes of the mangle and Guides and chains of the feeder and folder.

    Mangle - Milnor Feeder and Folder - Jensen

    Feeder and Folder - Chains run smoothly; - No dust sticks to chains and guides - Guides operate without jolting movements and breakdowns.

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  • Lower Environmental Impact Because of Less Lubricants

    Reducing Grease Consumption of Dredger Suction Pipe Lines

    Fin Grease LS2

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  • Energy consumption savings of €18,000.

    Water pumping stations

    Interflon Food Lube G

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  • Potential Cost Savings on all Welding Gearboxes on all Lines:<br> £5263.49 x 48 = £252,647.52 Per Annum

    Welding Line Gearbox

    Interflon Fin Grease MP00

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  • €20,001 saved on the lubrication of railway points.

    Optimal lubrication of railway points.

    Interflon Fin Lube EP

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  • Chains and Guide Ways

    Conveyor System - Jensen

    - Increased lubrication interval; - Now only lubricated once a month; - 4 times longer lubrication interval; - Only 7 aerosols now required per month; - Savings of £ 716 per month.

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  • €1,544,110 saved through optimal lubrication of the bearings.

    Lubrication of the bearings of an impact crusher used for mining.

    Interflon Fin Grease MP 2/3

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  • €1,620 savings per car gearbox replacement.

    Optimization of the manual transmission of a car.

    Interflon Fin Gear

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  • Interflon Lube EP uses our unique MicPol technology to penetrate into the fishing surfaces

    Fish Plate Lubrication

    Interflon Lube EP

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  • Costs for replacing bearings and labour reduced by € 1,260.

    Lubrication of bearings of centrifugal dryer at a plastic processing company.

    Interflon Fin Grease LS2 and Interflon Grease LS1/2

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