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  • €1,630 saved due to fewer breakdowns of the pneumatic screwdriver.

    Optimal operation of a pneumatic screwdriver.

    Interflon Lube PN 68

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  • Cleaning and removal of residue.

    Lime removal from boilers

    Interflon Fin Clean Special

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  • Chains and Pneumatic Systems

    Folding Machine - Jenses

    - Cost reduction;

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  • Energy consumption savings of €18,000.

    Water pumping stations

    Interflon Food Lube G

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  • 5% less energy consumption.

    Liquid grease for reducers

    Interflon Fin Grease MP00

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  • 600 tonnes less CO2 emissions in production.

    Less CO2 emissions caused by the gears of a stirrer.

    Interflon Finnoly T251

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  • Lower Environmental Impact Because of Less Lubricants

    Reducing Grease Consumption of Dredger Suction Pipe Lines

    Fin Grease LS2

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  • Overhead rail service that allow bags and hangers to slide down them by gravity.

    Rails, Hangers and Slides

    - Perfect sliding properties - Increased lubrication interval - Long lasting dry lubrication - Reduces or eliminates lint build up.

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  • Energy consumption savings of 3%-4.15%.

    Energy saving of blowers at a water purification plant

    Interflon Finnoly T251

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  • Saving of €3,260 in disassembly costs.

    Easier removal of paddles in expanders.

    Interflon Paste HT 1200

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  • Savings of €29,640 Through less Cable Purchased.

    Optimal Lubrication of Cables in an Offshore Environment.

    Fin Grease LS2

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  • €9.305 less energy costs per year on 3 gearboxes.

    Optimal lubrication of a coal conveyor belt.

    Interflon Finnoly T251

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  • Lubrication intervals 10x longer for forklift trucks.

    Improved fork distance adjustment on fork lift trucks.

    Interflon Fin Lube EP

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  • €26,256 less maintenance on cables per year.

    Optimal cable lubrication on cranes.

    Interflon Fin Grease OG

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  • Lubrication interval was doubled. Maintenance costs were reduced.

    Lubrication of fifth wheel coupling of tractor with tank trailer.

    Interflon Fin Grease LS2 and Interflon Grease LS1/2

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