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  • Cleaning and removal of residue.

    Lime removal from boilers

    Interflon Clean Special

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  • Lower Environmental Impact Because of Less Lubricants

    Reducing Grease Consumption of Dredger Suction Pipe Lines

    Interflon Grease LS2

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  • Savings of €122,000 per week in production outages.

    Improved operation of pneumatic systems of a mine conveyor.

    Interflon Lube PN32

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  • Drive Chains Chain manufacturer: Atlanta - duplex chain 10B-2, 2.8 meters long.

    Vacuum Dryer - TSB

    - Increased chain life; - Increased lubrication interval; - Now only lubricated twice a year; - 6 times longer lubrication interval; - Dust and textile fibers no longer adhere to the chains

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  • Reduction gearboxes of the mangle and Guides and chains of the feeder and folder.

    Mangle - Milnor Feeder and Folder - Jensen

    Feeder and Folder - Chains run smoothly; - No dust sticks to chains and guides - Guides operate without jolting movements and breakdowns.

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  • Saving of €11,808 in the costs replacing the bearings of large fans.

    Optimal bearing lubrication in large fans.

    Interflon Grease MP2/3

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  • Hydraulic System Lubrication

    Press - Lavatec LP 517

    - No more leaks from the seals - Temperature is controlled and never rises above 65°C

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  • Savings of €20,364 on mulchers at a waste water treatment plant.

    Protecting bearings on mulchers from excessive wear.

    Interflon Grease MP2/3

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  • Maintenance costs reduced by € 1,646 per year and 5x longer lubrication interval.

    Chain lubrication of a shrinking tunnel.

    Interflon Lube HT (SF)

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  • 4x longer chain life in the manufacture of bricks.

    Longer chain life on a jig machine for bricks.

    Interflon Lube TF

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  • Lubrication frequency was reduced by a factor of 10.

    Sacking machine at animal feed producer

    Interflon Lube TF

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  • Potential Cost Savings on all Welding Gearboxes on all Lines:<br> £5263.49 x 48 = £252,647.52 Per Annum

    Welding Line Gearbox

    Interflon Grease MP00

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  • A saving of € 8,340 in the costs of replacement parts has been achieved through optimal lubrication.

    Less wearing of spindles and spindle nuts.

    Interflon Lube TF

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  • Automatic Lubrication Cartridge

    Air Handler - Alvi Ventilators

    - Temperature on critical ventilator drops from 68 C to 20 C (= ambient temperature) - Total cost savings per year: £806 per unit, £40,351 across the 50 units on site;

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  • Reduction Gearboxes

    Loading Dumper Conveyor

    - Extended oil life; - Reduced/No more leaks; - Reduced/No more breakdowns or wear.

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