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Reducing Grease Consumption of Dredger Suction Pipe Lines

Reducing Grease Consumption of Dredger Suction Pipe Lines

Lower Envir­onmen­tal Impact Because of Less Lubricants

Fin Grease LS2

Initial Situation

High environmental impact due to saponification of the conventional grease being used on the tracks. Despite the high grease consumption, there was a lot of rust formation.


Use Interflon Fin Grease LS 2 water-resistant grease on the tracks. The tracks can simply be lubricated for a 2-3 metre stretch as the grease will automatically be taken along.


Interflon Fin Grease LS 2's water-resistant properties mean that less lubrication is required, which logically reduces the environmental impact. There is hardly any rust formation, and wear and tear is significantly reduced.

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