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Optimal Lubrication of Cables in an Offshore Environment.

Optimal Lubrication of Cables in an Offshore Environment.

Savings of €29­,640 Through less Cable Purchased.

Interflon Grease LS2

Initial Situation

Weekly lubrication of the cables with the recommended grease did not produce an acceptable life for the cable. Dirt and dust stuck to the grease, which hardened and caused extreme wear. Every 2 years a new cable had to be purchased.


Interflon Grease LS2 was used, applied using a pneumatic grease spraying machine. This method is easy and quick.


This improvement enables a cost saving of € 29,640 to be achieved. The savings are largely due to the lower costs for replacing the cable. The cable life was tripled to 6 years.

These customers already saved between 7 and 11%:


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