Interflon develops and manufactures specialised lubricants

Resulting in superior performance and major cost savings

Interflon manufacture lubricants with exceptional performance for industrial and food-stuff plant equipment maintenance. Our products reduce maintenance cost and power consumption whilst promoting component reliability and factory output.

Lubricating by rolling particles

Unlike conventional petrochemical lubricants, Interflon products are fortified with high performance additives and MicPol® particles modified using our unique Interflon technology. These particles form an ultra thin lubrication film that provides a very smooth lubrication film with long lasting friction reduction. >> More ...

Extended maintenance frequencies

Interflon lubricants reduce friction and wear much better than conventional lubricants, in particular, in adverse conditions of extreme loads, high and low temperatures, strong contamination and in high water wash areas. Lasting longer, giving you and your team more time to do the things you want to do instead of doing the things you have to do.

Once Experienced. Never forgotten.

Interflon customers experience considerably lower lubrication labour cost and lubricant consumption rates. They prolong the service life of their critical components, reduce power consumption and improve equipment utilization rates and reliability at the same time.

A league above the rest

That's how our clients reduce their overall maintenance costs with as much as 20%, 30%, sometimes even 50% or more whilst resolving their most awkward lubing issues at the same time.

Food Safe; we test what we sell

Our portfolio includes industrial NSF® listed lubricants in all current viscosity grades for first assembly, repair and maintenance work. Similarly, we can provide you with cost saving cleaners and readily biodegradable products.

And 275 experienced technical advisers are ready to assisting you on-site in upgrading to Interflon lubricants.

135,000 Companies stand behind our products

Over 135,000 customers in 40 countries have chosen to upgrade to Interflon lubricants.

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