Interflon UK Ltd recognises that the energy use and emissions generated by the business has a key impact on the environment.

Where we have direct control we do everything we can to improve our green credentials.

In areas that are controlled by our employees, suppliers and customers, our approach is to work closely with them to help them understand, and progressively minimise, the impact of services provided and purchased on the environment.

The status comes just weeks after the company was recognised for its standards in the Environment - the first Interflon company to hold the ISO 14001 standard.

During a three-day assessment, Interflon UK Ltd had to demonstrate that it is measuring, managing and reporting key aspects of environmental performance and working continuously to improve using appropriate objectives and targets.

The company was also recognised for its forward-thinking approach to implementing environmental management systems, pollution prevention, using alternative energy resources where possible, promoting biodiversity and taking environmental considerations into account during investment decisions.

We are fully committed to measuring and improving our environmental performance. Our long-term aim now is to enhance the sustainability of the company and that of our suppliers, customers and the wider community.

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