Interflon Fin Grease (aerosol)

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Transparent General Purpose Grease Fortified with MicPol®

Non-staining, transparent multipurpose grease for superior general lubrication purposes. For extended periods of maintenance free service. Formulated to form a tough durable film that prevents metal-to-metal contact and seal out water and contaminants to lubricate even under the most demanding conditions.  

NSF® (Class H1) tested and listed, which gives it full acceptability for use where there is potential for incidental contact with food or drugs.

Distinctive Properties and Key Advantages  

  • Significant reduction of friction and wear
  • Protects against water and contaminants
  • Inhibits rust and corrosion
  • Extends lubrication service intervals
  • Outstanding emergency-run characteristics

Product Application Areas

Suitable for a myriad of applications in small- medium enterprises, industrial sites and food processing environments. For the lubrication of slow to moderate moving Bearings, Sliding surfaces, Open Gears, Slideways, Hinge pins, UV Joints, Rod Ends, Cogs, Gear wheels, Guidances, Guide Tracks, Axles, Crown Gears, Spindles, Shafts, Toothed Belts, Locking Pins, Valves, etc.

Data sheets, Certifications and References

Lubrication of the gear wheel of a potato packing machine.:

€9,680 saved for the lubrication of the gear wheel.

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