Interflon Foam Clean (aerosol)

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Multi-Surface foam cleaner & degreaser

Provides a heavy duty foam that quickly breaks down grease and grime. Engineered for the cleansing and degreasing of glass, Acrylglas, mirrors, plasma / TFT screens, synthetic material, lacquering, metal and a lot of other hard waterproof surfaces in foodstuff environments.

All purpose

Removes effortlessly dirt, grease, dust, fingerprints and nicotine stains, residues of insects and other hard dirt from almost any surface or object. Leaves no residue. Not aggressive and readily biodegradable.

Overwhelming number of Applications

Popular applications include the maintenance of Glass Panels and Glass Doors, Displays, Equipment and Furniture in shops, restaurants, bars, exhibitions and department stores as well as TV Flat-screens, Touch-screens, Cash registers, Laptops, PDA's, Smart phones and Navigation Systems.

Distinctive Properties and Key Advantages  

  • Rapidly breaks down grease and grime
  • Leaves no Residue
  • Very easy to apply
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Food Grade Approved

Data sheets, Certifications and References

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