Lubrication Consultants

Our customised service offers more than clear advice

Your lubrication technical maintenance requires a specialist with the necessary experience and technical knowledge. Specifically in industrial environments where there are unnecessary machine losses due to downtime. Time to increase efficiency and to guarantee life extension.

STOP unnecessary costs due to:

  • Faults
  • Low-speed line
  • Unnecessary loss of products
  • Start-up losses
  • Short stops and idle time

Another look ...

The difference is down to technical maintenance lubrication. Technical advice is available for product selection, application level, lubrication technical improvements or for your entire fleet. Whether it's saving on maintenance implementation of sustainable maintenance or a clear picture of possible energy savings. Interflon Technical Advisors can offer you the best advice that will benefit both your equipment and your wallet.

How do I do this?

Depending on your wishes, we can jointly achieve the following:

  • Reduced maintenance costs;
  • Increased resources;
  • Extended machine life;
  • Reduced downtime.

Interflon Lubrication Consultants supervise lubrication techniques or implementation of existing lubricants and advise of any improvements. The advice offered will be tailor made ​​for your company. To complete our service, if necessary, we work together with Interflon's Certified partners.

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Fish Plate Lubrication:

Interflon Lube EP uses our unique MicPol technology to penetrate into the fishing surfaces

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