• Chains and Guide Ways

    Conveyor System - Jensen

    - Increased lubrication interval; - Now only lubricated once a month; - 4 times longer lubrication interval; - Only 7 aerosols now required per month; - Savings of £ 716 per month.

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  • 5% less energy consumption.

    Liquid grease for reducers

    Interflon Grease MP00

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  • Annual savings of €1,632.

    No more dripping or seizure of painting chains

    Interflon Lube HT (SF)

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  • Lubrication intervals 10x longer for forklift trucks.

    Improved fork distance adjustment on fork lift trucks.

    Interflon Lube EP

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  • Savings of €122,000 per week in production outages.

    Improved operation of pneumatic systems of a mine conveyor.

    Interflon Lube PN32

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  • Drive Roller Bearings- Bearing Manufacturer: SKF (various types of bearings).

    Washer - Lavatec

    - Increased bearing; - Long lubrication interval; - Reduced stoppages.

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  • Maintenance costs reduced by € 1,646 per year and 5x longer lubrication interval.

    Chain lubrication of a shrinking tunnel.

    Interflon Lube HT (SF)

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  • Chains and Pneumatic Systems

    Folding Machine - Jenses

    - Cost reduction;

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  • €5,000 saved on spare parts and repairs to truck brakes.

    Reliable operation of truck braking mechanisms.

    Interflon Grease LS2

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  • Hydraulic System Lubrication

    Press - Lavatec LP 517

    - No more leaks from the seals - Temperature is controlled and never rises above 65°C

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  • Savings of €20,364 on mulchers at a waste water treatment plant.

    Protecting bearings on mulchers from excessive wear.

    Interflon Grease MP2/3

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  • Saving of €3,260 in disassembly costs.

    Easier removal of paddles in expanders.

    Interflon Paste HT1200

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  • 10% lower energy consumption and no oil leaks.

    Fewer oil leaks from gears used in the food industry.

    Interflon Food Grease 000

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  • €11,250 saved through fewer production outages due to damaged bearings.

    Optimal lubrication of bottle conveyors.

    Interflon Food Grease 2

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  • €9.305 less energy costs per year on 3 gearboxes.

    Optimal lubrication of a coal conveyor belt.

    Interflon Finnoly Additive T251

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