Slide Chair Lubrication

Optimal Slide Chair Lubrication

Interflon Lube EP uses our unique MicPol coating technology to protect and lubricate switch plates.

Interflon Lube EP

Interflon Lube EP uses our unique MicPol® coating technology to protect and lubricate slide chairs. Once the slide chairs plate has been properly prepared, further cleaning is no longer necessary and re-lubrication is required once every 4 weeks with 4ml of product, leaving slide chairs plates clean and easy to inspect for damage.

Interflon Lube EP:

Only 4ml of Interflon Lube EP is required to lubricate a slide chairs for up to 4 weeks.

Lube EP dries leaving a clear coating of MicPol® on the surface of the plate.

Conventional Products:

Traditional lubricants tend to be applied in larger quantities, more frequently and are often very sticky, attracting dirt and contamination.

Additional benefits of using Interflon Lube EP:

  • Self spreading underneath the switch rail
  • Water resistant and prevents the adhesion of ice
  • Lubricates leaving a dry film coating of MicPol® technology, which prevents the adhesion of contamination to the slide chair
  • Reduces power and time required to throw the switch rail
  • Can be applied quickly and safely using the Interflon Backpack in an upright position
  • Suitable for all types of slide chair, including plastic and insert types
  • Reduces the amount of product used per slide chair, making the surrounding area and environment much cleaner. The total amount of lubricant required to treat a point end with 32 slide chair at 4ml is 0.25litres or 2ml at only 0.125litres