Fish Plate Lubrication

Fish Plate Lubrication

Interflon Lube EP uses our unique MicPol technology to penetrate into the fishing surfaces

Interflon Lube EP

Interflon Lube EP uses our unique MicPol® technology to penetrate into the fishing surfaces whilst breaking down rust and old grease within the joint. Once the Interflon Lube EP has penetrated into the joint it provides a long term MicPol® coating allowing fishing surfaces to move freely over each other. After the initial application procedure has been completed the fishplates can be lubricated with the Interflon backpack without slackening bolts.


Birchmeier Backpack Sprayer:

Because of the creeping ability of Lube EP, no longer do Fish Plates need to be slackened or removed to be lubricated.

The Birchmeier Backpack Sprayer allows you to simply walk by the Fish Plate, apply the required amount of lubricant and move onto the next one...

Saving valuable time and ultimately reducing the operator’s time on track.

Why is it important to lubricate these joints?

The rail is naturally stressed, plates are fitted to make a joint and a 6ml gap is left between the two rail ends. The steel rail expands and contracts due to variations in temperatures, the rail reaches a critical temperature before expansion occurs. The joint can be stiff through corrosion, old grease or the bolts being over tightened. If the joint is stuck or too stiff the track gauge will naturally widen.

  • Protects against corrosion
  • Quick application with the Birchmeier Backpack Sprayer
  • Reduces force required to operate joints
  • Effective at penetrating into fishing surfaces