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MicPol®, Interflon® technology re-engineered to stay ahead

After 33 years of experience in developing lubrication products with the lowest possible friction, Interflon has now re-engineered its lubrication technology and achieved even lower friction levels.

New colour codes and self-explanatory icons have been added to the package of each product, to make it easy for operators in production to choose the right product for each application.

Here you find an overview of all icons we use: Overview icons

According to our new Corporate Identity, you find a table of new product names: Reference table Product Name Changes

Industrial Lubricants

"Where standard products do not work well enough"

Interflon lubricants are designed to enable continuously running machines to perform longer. They also consume less energy.

Machines lubricated with Interflon products consume 15% less energy and up to 80% lower fuel consumption compared to conventional lubricants, petrochemical oils and fats.

For all machines, where manufacturers require quality lubricants, there are quality Interflon alternatives available. The product information available includes properties such as viscosity, water resistance, pressure load and stiffness according to the nomenclature described in NLGI.

This allows technicians to responsibly determine which Interflon lubricant is best for your application, giving consideration to the machine, the environment and the specifications of the current lubricant. Upgrading to Interflon is a simple and secure process.

Lubricating Greases

Much better performance and lower cost

Virtually every conceivable machine can be lubricated with Interflon products. These will enable you to make large-scale reductions on your maintenance costs. We provide safe food and industrial fats and oils in all major viscosities which can be applied on the installation of machinery, its repair and subsequent maintenance.

Choose from the most common Greases Interflon:

Cleaners & Degreasers

Powerful, effective removal of dirt

Wherever work is to be cleaned. Pollution is different in nature and each application proposes specific requirements for industrial cleaning. Interflon supplies for any purpose cleaners including biodegradable and environmentally safe food products. An overview:

Wax & Coatings

Smoother than smooth, thanks to the wonders of MicPol®

Interflon combines the excellent hardness and durability with the anti-adhesion and friction properties of MicPol® coatings in sliding, waxes and plastic coatings. These products offer you each a whole host of solutions of non-stick, preventing static electricity, special sliding properties, wear resistance, restoring color and luster and prevent corrosion problems, it's about a few.

Food Grade Products

Cost saving with NSF ® certified products

Interflon provides an ambitious and comprehensive package of lubricants, greases and cleaners that are registered by the "Public Health and Safety Company" NSF ®.

All our food-grade products meet richtijnen the Food and Drug Association (FDA) for responsible use in the food sector (HACCP). Choose the product for your application:


Interflon Hardware Products

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