Chain lubrication of a shrinking tunnel.

Chain lubrication of a shrinking tunnel.

Maint­enanc­e costs reduced by € 1,646 per year and 5x longer lubri­catio­n interval.

Interflon Lube HT (SF)

Initial situation

Weekly lubrication and high consumption of 1 can of lubricant per week. This was an indication that the chains were not being lubricated optimally. The lubricant used produced a lot of smoke and attracted dirt and dust.

Our solution

Use the high temperature oil Interflon Lube HT (SF). This oil has excellent creeping properties, does not attract dirt and dust and does not produce smoke. Interflon Lube HT is suitable for the food processing industry and is NSF - H2 certified.


The chain lubrication is optimal and the chains only need to be lubricated 1x per month. Consumption has dropped from one can a week to one can every 1 or 2 months. No more smoke is produced and dirt and dust no longer adhere to the chains.

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