Saving of €1,200 for cleaning the pumps submerged in brine

Saving of €1,200 for cleaning the pumps submerged in brine.

Protective treatment of the fan of the centr­ifuga­l pump at the COGAS power station.

Interflon Film WB

Initial situation

Frequent replacement of the pump's fan and wearing plate. A significant salt deposit forms a very hard layer of carbonates that is difficult to remove.

Our solution

Interflon Film WB


For cleaning, a saving of approximately € 1,200/year for 2 pumps. Saving calculation:

- 1 intervention every 2 months (6/year)

- 2 hours per pump

- 2 men at €25/hour = €50 in man hours

€50 x 2 hours = €100 x 6 interventions/year = €600 x 2 pumps = €1,200

These customers already saved between 7 and 11%:


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