Hydraulic lubrication of a CNC Machine.

Hydraulic lubrication of a CNC Machine.

Savings of €388 in hydraulic oil for a CNC machine.

Interflon Finnoly Additive N251-H

Initial situation

For several months, there had been high losses of hydraulic oil at a CNC processing centre. The oil losses meant that the hydraulic oil had to be filled up with 8 to 10 litres every week. The machine also became soiled, extra maintenance time was required and there was a danger of slipping.

Our solution

In order to improve this situation, Interflon Finnoly Additive N251-H was added to the previously used oil. This friction-reducing additive is easy to apply and is specially designed for hydraulic systems.


After adding Interflon Finnoly Additive N251-H, the oil consumption immediately dropped to only 3 litres a week. The reduced oil losses resulted in a cost saving of €388 for one machine. There is no more soiling of machines or danger of slipping.

These customers already saved between 7 and 11%:


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