Lubrication of a pneumatic screwdriver.

Lubrication of a pneumatic screwdriver.

€5,400 less effort required for repairs and maint­enanc­e.

Interflon Lube PN68

Initial situation

1,000 bolts are unfastened every day. After 5,000 bolts, the pneumatic screwdriver became jammed and had to be completely disassembled and serviced. This only helped for a short time. Many pneumatic screwdrivers, each costing €700, had to be replaced.

Our solution

The friction-reducing pneumatic oil Interflon Lube PN68 was used. This oil also displaces moisture and protects all parts against corrosion.


Since Interflon Lube PN68 has been used, the pneumatic screwdriver no longer becomes jammed. Furthermore, the oil-mist consumption was reduced from 50 drops per minute to 12 drops per minute. This saves €5,400 in maintenance costs.

These customers already saved between 7 and 11%:


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