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Ecological large surface cleaner

Eco Cleaner

Fast acting ecological cleaner with organic ingredients for use in all types of scrubber machines, high pressure cleaners, ultrasonic baths and other mechanical cleaning devices. Designed to safely and efficiently clean large surfaces at a very low cost due to its low dosage and fast action.

Interflon Eco Cleaner is listed by the NSF for use in the food industry as a general cleaner (NSF-A1) with registration number 155960.

Is awarded the European Ecolabel (NL/20/025). Proper dosage saves costs and minimizes environmental impacts. Reduced impact on aquatic life. Reduced use of hazardous substances.

Properties and advantages

  • Strong cleaning power
  • Highly concentrated product -> needs very low dosage -> very economical
  • Acts very fast, so ideal for floor scrubbing machines without foaming
  • Does not attack paint as solvent based products or many alkaline products do
  • Comes with the Interflon Eco Dispenser® to guarantee the right dosage, control costs, avoid spilling when diluting manually, achieve a safe, label free end product
  • Non-flammable and biodegradable
  • No VOC, no ADR, no transport or storage restrictions
  • Suitable for food processing plants (NSF-A1 and Halal)
  • Awarded with the European Eco-Label, therefore readily biodegradable
  • Produced out of renewable raw materials
  • Low aquatic toxicity, to minimize environmental impact
  • Biostatic qualities, free of biocides

Examples of applications
For manual and mechanical cleaning machines, cleaning floors, walls, equipment, vehicles, wheel rims, painted surfaces, stainless steel, aluminum, tiles and plastic surfaces. Particularly suitable for use in floor cleaning machines. When applied in the food processing area: rinse the surface with potable water after cleaning.