Interflon develops and manufactures specialized lubricants

Resulting in Superior Performance and Major Cost Savings

Interflon is active worldwide in reducing maintenance costs and energy use, using lubricants that reduce friction more than ordinary petrochemical lubricants. Read more

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3 Ways Interflon Food Lube Will Improve Your Business

Interflon Food Lube was specially designed to help lower maintenance and replacement costs, save time, and increase your bottom line. Read on to learn how Interflon Food Lube can help make your business more successful!

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Interflon Lube EPR

Special dry and transparent coating with MicPol® Technology for railway applications which acts like a lubricant. Makes visual...

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Rolling Bearings

Imagine what a day at work would be like if only your bearing grease lifecycles could be extended by 10 percent, 25 percent - even 35% or...

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Lubrication Consultants

Your lubrication technical maintenance under the microscope requires a specialist with the necessary experience and technical knowledge. Precisely specifically ind.....

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