Enclosed Gear Drives

Increase uptime, extend oil life and reduce energy usage

Imagine the flexibility and cost benefits of not having to change your oil so frequently.

To achieve that, Interflon provides oils, oil additives and semi-fluid greases - amongst others for gear drives that last longer than conventional products. They can be used in typical plant operations and provide for high performance anti-wear lubricity, anti-leak features and water resistant corrosion protection. Simply stated: They reduce cost and minimise unexpected breakdowns.

At the same time, our products for industrial gear drives provide superior thermal stability and cleanliness. With top-tier performance to ensure long-term equipment protection through high-temperature EP, longer oil demulsibility and extended foam inhibition in the presence of water and contaminants.

Secure long-term efficient operation

Think of it: In this way, you secure long-term efficient operation of your gear drives whilst reducing your maintenance costs, acoustic emission and energy usage. Uncover the Benefits Interflon's ] offers immensely leveraged opportunities to extend your gear drive's life and reduce its operating cost at the same time. Thus ...:

  • Less frictional heat on the stress points
  • Considerably lower gear-box (oil) operating temperature
  • Less wear, debris, contaminants, leakages and noise
  • Vibrations down, possibly by as much as 30%

Oils, greases and Additives delivering the same benefits

Choosing the right product for your gear drive application is important to efficient operation. To that end, Interflon can provide you with 3 types of products, suitable for a wide range of gear sizes, speeds and ambient temperatures to suit your particular needs:

  • Industrial and food-grade (ISO VG 32 - 320)
  • Fluid or semi-fluid

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