Compressed Air Systems

When Minimum Loss Of Stray Mist Is Required

The use of Interflon compressed air lubricants with exceptionally good lubricity present an attractive alternative for pneumatic installations where only limited oil feed supply is required - or acceptable!

Exactly, how important is health and safety for you?

To that end, our products have proven to be very beneficial in operating environments that require minimum loss of stray mist to the surrounding area, including the food, paper and printing industry.

This Keeps You Ahead Of The Game

Requirements vary for individual plants and installations. However, when injecting the appropriate feed rates directly into the air stream, Interflon lubricants for compressed air systems offer considerable benefits over conventional pneumatic oils, including:

  • Up to 90 percent less lubricant consumption
  • Lower friction and reduced temperatures
  • Less wear and oil changes
  • Increased life of compressor, pumps, valves etc.
  • Virtually no stick-slip in valves and cylinders
  • Dramatically reduced maintenance and operating problems

The Solution For You?

Interflon makes Interflon Food Lube GSC46 for use in rotary screw air compressors and we supply Interflon Lube PN for pneumatic tools and linear drives which operate in the food, drugs and beverage processing and packaging industry. The choice is yours.

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