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Interflon Head Office is ISO 9001:2015 certified

ISO 9001 is the global standard for quality management throughout an entire manufacturing process. Interflon Head Office is ISO 9001 certified - the best possible assurance of our capability to honor all our commitments to you.

The scope of this approval is applicable to: The production and delivery of technical lubricants for the industry.

Reach Compliancy

Interflon heartily and unconditionally subscribes to REACH principles, aimed at the safeguarding of public health, safety and the environment. We comply with the regulations, have adjusted the capacity and priorities of the organisation to optimize risk control and embedded the new requirements in standard procedures. In any case, Interflon products do not contain any substances listed in annex 14 of the REACh-regulation or that meet the criteria of article 57 of that same regulation.

Halal certificate Interflon Food-Grade products

Interflon is proud to announce that we have received HALAL certification for the entire selection Food-Grade products from Interflon product portfolio. Halal for Food-Grade products

Kosher certificate Interflon Food-Grade products

Interflon is proud to announce that we have received KOSHER certification for Food-Grade products from Interflon product portfolio. Kosher for Food-Grade products

Industrial Lubricants

Where ordinary products do not work well enough

Interflon lubricants have been developed to make machines run longer without interruptions while using less energy and lengthen lubrication intervals.

Machines lubricated with Interflon products consume 15% less energy and up to 80% lower lubricant consumption compared to conventional lubricants, petrochemical oils and greases.

For all machines, where manufacturers require quality lubricants, there are quality Interflon alternatives available. The product information available includes properties such as viscosity, water resistance, pressure load and stiffness according to the standards described in NLGI.

This allows technicians to responsibly determine which Interflon lubricant is best for your application, giving consideration to the machine, the environment and the specifications of the current lubricant. Upgrading to Interflon is a simple and secure process.

Lubricating Greases

Better performance and lower cost

Virtually all mechanical parts can be lubricated with cost reducing Interflon greases. To enable you to make significant savings on maintenance costs, we supply industrial food safe greases and oils. Our products are available in all major viscosities for assembly, repair and maintenance activities.

Choose from the most common Interflon Grease:

Cleaners & Degreasers

Powerful, effective removal of dirt

In any work place or manufacturing facility, cleaning plays an important part of the process. There are different types of soiling and for every application there are specific requirements for the industrial cleaning products. Interflon supplies cleaners for every purpose such as environmentally friendly and food safe products. An overview:

Wax & Coatings

Smoother than smooth, thanks to the wonders of Teflon ®

Interflon combines the excellent hardness and durability with the anti-adhesion and friction properties of Teflon ® coatings in sliding, waxes and plastic coatings. Each of these products offer you whole host of solutions such as, non-stick, static electricity prevention, sliding properties, wear resistance, color restoration and anti-corrosion.

Food Grade Products

Cost saving with NSF ® certified products

Interflon provides a comprehensive packaging of high performing lubricants, greases and cleaners that are tested and certified by NSF - The Public Health and Safety Company" ®.

All our food-grade products comply to the guidelines of the Food and Drug Association (FDA) for responsible use in the food sector (HACCP). Choose the product for your application:


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