• using Interflon Food Lube

    How to Maintain a Fishing Rod

    Interflon products are amazingly versatile! They have as many uses at home as they do in industry. Read on to learn more.

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  • with Interflon Food Lube

    How to Save Money on Chains

    Businesses can save thousands of dollars on chains with Interflon Food Lube. Read on to learn how!

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  • Learn how it can do the same for yours!

    Interflon Food Lube Saved This Food Production Co. Over $30,000!

    Read this story from a happy food production line manager, who tells us how switching to Interflon Food Lube immediately saved his company money... and got him a promotion!

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  • It's cheaper, faster to apply, and cleaner than other food grade lubricants

    3 Ways Interflon Food Lube Will Improve Your Business

    Interflon Food Lube was specially designed to help lower maintenance and replacement costs, save time, and increase your bottom line. Read on to learn how Interflon Food Lube can help make your business more successful!

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  • Halal certificate Interflon Food-Grade products

    Halal certificate

    Interflon is proud to announce that we have received HALAL certification for the entire selection Food-Grade products from Interflon product portfolio...

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