Becoming A State Distributor For Interflon

Are you a direct-­sales professional with ambitions to start your own business, but did not come across the right opportunity yet? Tired of the corporate bureaucracy or being successful for somebody else? Or are you just seeking a new business opportunity?


Interflon USA is looking to expand its business by opening up new distributorships in the USA and Canada and this document gives the background for this opportunity


Interflon is a Dutch company that operates globally in the market of industrial lubrication. The company has over 300 sales people worldwide and has clients ranging from small businesses to the largest companies in the world.

The company has a very strong entrepreneurial spirit and operates under a model of which distributors own exclusive distribution rights for a specific territory. During its 30 years of existence Interflon has perfected a model of supporting distributors to make them successful in their territory.

The success of the company is based on three pillars:

  1. Excellent products, based on a proprietary technology involving Teflon that helps customers save on maintenance cost
  2. Knowledge sharing systems that give Interflon people and Interflon customers access to an extensive knowledge base.
  3. Well trained and informed team members that are seen by the customers as partners to help improve maintenance practices


Interflon USA has chosen to appoint distributors per State and is currently represented in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Upstate New York.

For all other States, Interflon USA is looking to find new distributors.

Interflon USA stores the products centrally in St. Louis, Missouri and ships the goods to the customers. The sub-­‐distributors represent the company, acquire new customers and service their existing customers.

Interflon USA supports the distributors with know-­‐how and training and makes the CRM system available for the Distributors.


The long-­‐term goal of a distributor should be to develop a large customer base in his territory that is serviced by himself and Technical Advisors that he hires and these Technical Advisors in turn each service a sub-­‐territory. To be able to manage a sales team successfully the distributor has to become a successful Technical Advisor himself first. This makes it possible to lead by example and the portfolio of customers that the distributor himself builds will help him finance the cost of the Technical Advisors.

When Interflon appoints a new distributor, the distributor will start a company and this company will receive the distribution rights for the territory. The distributor travels to the Netherlands for a week of training, covering basic product training and sales training.

In the first year the Distributor spends most of his time on generating new business. In the first few months he starts with visiting smaller places, like car dealerships, hotels and smaller manufacturing facilities.

With the increase of experience and knowledge the distributor starts to visit more medium sized business after a few months and by the end of the first year also the larger companies, such as large food manufacturing plants, will be visited.

By building up a customer base, the Distributor builds a portfolio of recurring income, after the first and second purchase the customer can quantify the cost savings and re-­ordering will be an easier way to generate revenue than it was to generate new business.

During the first year the Distributor is supported in the field by periodical training. A trainer will travel with the Distributor for a few days each time and he helps the Distributor further develop.

A successful Technical Advisor (and initially the distributor) builds up a customer base of around 300 customers, a mix of companies of different size and different industries.

This initial stage of becoming a successful Technical Advisor typically takes somewhere between one and two years. The first year is the most challenging, because it is a new product portfolio, a new sales method and new sales support tools require time to learn and there is a lot of knowledge that the Technical Advisor builds up in this period.

Also, the mix of new business versus servicing existing business leans heavily to new business in the initial stage.

Interflon USA offers various models of the distributorship, ranging from part-­‐ownership with fixed-­income-­plus-­commission to full ownership with revenue-­based income only. We find the right set up that fits best for every situation.


A successful Interflon distributor builds a business that starts out as a one-­‐man hunting job to building the initial customer base to a company with 4+ employees that covers a state. This means that the distributor needs a varied skill set to achieve this.

The experience of Interflon is that technical knowledge can be acquired during the process and that this is therefore less important at the start. The key skills and personality traits of a successful distributor are:

Organized And Meticulous

To be able to effectively manage 300 customers, with multiple contact persons and another 300-­‐500 leads needs proper administration of sales calls, tight planning, clear definitions of next actions and preparation for meetings. The distributor needs to have a natural tendency of wanting things to be well organized.

Questions To Reflect On

  • Do you see yourself as an organized person and do you take pride in being well prepared?
  • Are your tools well organized at home?
  • Is your car always clean and tidy?
  • How does your private paperwork look?

Willing To Adapt To A New Way Of Working

Interflon has developed a sales method and supplies sales administration and sales planning tools that the distributor needs to embrace.

Questions To Reflect On

  • Do you believe that making your sales report right after a meeting is vital?
  • Do you believe that you can make notes on papers and in your phone and will be able to manage a big number of contacts?
  • Are you willing to follow a tested approach to the letter in the first half year, before you begin to make your own adjustments?

A Natural Direct Sales Talent

Our success is based on selling by impact and delivering a high level of customer service. The distributor needs to be able to enthuse his audience and be able to close in the first meeting and feel comfortable doing it.

Questions To Reflect On

  • Do you have experience in direct selling, where you meet a prospective customer and sell him a product or service?
  • Do you get a kick from making a sale and does that compensate for the challenges you meet in the field?
  • Are you able to make somebody enthusiastic by the way you communicate? Even if it is delivering a good joke or tell a good story, do you feel you can lead people to follow you in your communication?
  • Do you see yourself demoing products by using hands-on demo techniques, get your hands dirty and show prospective customer how our products are better by demoing interaction with water and contaminants like sand?


For our Technical Advisors their car is their office and they are always looking for opportunities to make the best out of any situation. Our main audience is maintenance managers and this is a hard group to pin down. They are often in the factory and their days are not scheduled because they need to react to what is happening in their plant. To successfully service this group our Technical Advisors need to be flexible and think on their feet. Who is the decision-­ maker? Who are the influencers? What is critical for this decision maker to influence in his or her decision?

Questions To Reflect On

  • Can you see yourself walking in unannounced in a plant and talking with people you meet and convince them to give you access to the maintenance manager or give you their contact details?
  • Can you see yourself calling from the car to successfully make appointments for the days to come?
  • When multiple parties are involved (Quality, Safety, Purchasing) are you able to present and communicate in such a way that you can move forward?
  • Are you able to gauge what is the right moment to close and do this successfully?

Drive and Hunger

The opportunities in every State are practically endless, to optimize results and be successful from the beginning, the distributor needs to make the most of every day and push to build as much business as possible.

Questions To Reflect On

  • Can you see yourself on the road every day before 8:00 AM?
  • Are you able to multi‐task at a good speed? Think about meetings, walk ins, phone calls, meeting reports entry, sending order confirmations all mixed through the day
  • Can you see yourself preparing for next days meetings by searching the Interflon database with over 2,200 case studies?
  • Can you see yourself doing self-­study to extend your knowledge of products and applications?

Our experience is that for the right person this is a dream opportunity and for the wrong person this is a difficult battle. It is frustrating for both parties if the wrong person gives this opportunity a shot, costing a lot of energy with no benefits for both parties.

When we are approached by an applicant we try and help the prospective distributor make a decision for her-­‐ or himself whether this is the right opportunity. We have multiple distributors in the USA that are very successful and are building a lucrative fast growing business for themselves. We also have had distributors start and by mutual decision end the co-­‐operation, because it wasn’t the right opportunity for them.

We invite prospective distributors to approach us and we can start a dialogue to see if this is the right opportunity for you.

Any questions? Contact our office in your country.

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