Water pumping stations

Water pumping stations

Energy consu­mptio­n savings of $18,000.

Interflon Food Lube G

Initial situation

The engines that pump water at the pumping stations are oil-cooled in order to keep their ambient temperature at 50°C. Until now, they used oil 68. The electric consumption of these engines is very high, using 8 million kW in 7 operating months between the client’s 26 pumps.

Our solution

The former oil was drained from the pumps. For optimum cleaning, 1% of additive was used during the 100 hours prior to the oil change. The pumps were filled with Interflon Food Lube G100. The bearings were thoroughly cleaned and the old grease removed, and the correct amount of Interflon Grease MP2/3 was used. Regreasing should be performed every 6 months.


1. Each pump has an oil capacity of 2.7 L. The energy consumption was checked one week after the oil change, and a 2.47%-2.54% reduction was registered. This represents an annual energy consumption savings of €18,000 from the 26 pumps. The client continues measuring consumption on a regular basis, which has not increased further. There are other savings which are more difficult to measure, such as the extension of oil-change intervals and reduced waste and friction, which lead to a reduced need for replacement parts and fewer failures. 2. Moreover, greasing the pumps’ bearing with Interflon Grease MP2/3 is performed every 6 months, instead of carrying it out every month as it used to be performed with the oil previously used.

These customers already saved between 7 and 11%:


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