Liquid Grease For Reducers

Liquid Grease For Reducers

5% Less Energy Consu­mptio­n

Interflon Grease MP00

Initial Situation

The client wants to diminish the energy consumption because he has more than 200 reducers, and achieving said goal would present a significant savings for the company.

Our Solution

Firstly, 4 reducers were filled with Interflon Grease MP00, and consumption data was measured for a period of 2 weeks before using our grease. Said lines operate 3 shifts, 5 days per week.


After applying Interflon Fin Grease MP 00, consumption data was measured again and the outcome proved to be a success: an approximate 5%-consumption reduction was observed. The client registered data at full production load. Now, he will continue to apply Interflon Fin Grease MP 00 to more reducers.

These customers already saved between 7 and 11%:


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