Mangle - MilnorFeeder and Folder - Jensen

Mangle - MilnorFeeder and Folder - Jensen

Reduction gearboxes of the mangle and Guides and chains of the feeder and folder.

Interflon Fin Super (aerosol)

Initial situation

Problem: Gearboxes operate slowly and with difficulty in 180 C conditions. It is common that these gearboxes become worn and are regularly replaced. Dust sticks to the chains and guides on the Feeder and Folder. The guides cannot be lubricated because conventional lubricants are always black or become black.

Environment is hot, dusty and high humidity. Previous products used were conventional gear oil in Mangle and conventional lubricants in the Feeder and Folder.

Our solution

Mangle - Interflon Food Lube G150* Feeder and Folder - InterflonFin Super Fin to guides and chains.

  • always check your required viscosity.


Mangle - Extended oil life; - No more leaks; - No more breakdowns or wear *

Feeder and Folder - Chains run smoothly; - No dust sticks to chains and guides - No more breakdowns or wear; - Guides operate without jolting movements and breakdowns.

  • Oil samples should be taken, these are then analyzed and the result determines whether the oil needs to be changed.

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