Optimal cable lubrication on cranes.

Optimal cable lubrication on cranes.

$26,256 less maint­enanc­e on cables per year.

Interflon Grease OG

Initial situation

The use of lubricants that attract dust and dirt led to excessive wearing of cables and pulleys. Repair and maintentance work took 3 persons 4 hours a week. Every year, 4 cables and 60 pulley wheels were replaced.

Our solution

A combination of the friction-reducing greases Interflon Grease OG (on the cable) and Interflon Fin Grease LS2 (on the pulley wheels) was used.


Since Interflon Grease OGhas been used on the cables, no cables have been replaced over a 5 year period. Using Interflon Grease LS2 on the pulley wheels reduced the number of pulley wheels replaced per year from 60 to 24. This saved $26,256 in operating costs.