Loosening Of Coroded Screws On Pumps

Loosening Of Coroded Screws On Pumps

Savings Of $1,600 Per Year On Unnec­essar­y Maint­enanc­e.

Interflon Grease OG

Initial situation

Screws on pumps become stuck because of the corrosive environment and the development of rust. It was not uncommon for an angle grinder to be needed. The consequences were great maintenance effort and danger of injury.

Our Solution

The pressure-resistant spray-on grease Interflon Grease OG was used. This grease is also water-resistant, protects against corrosion and cannot be washed out completely even by caustic substances.


Since Interflon Grease OG has been used on the screws, they can always be loosened easily. This saves 3 hours of work per month. This company saves a total of $1,600 per year by avoiding unnecessary maintenance work.

These customers already saved between 7 and 11%:


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