No stuck glow plugs any more.

No stuck glow plugs any more.

90% less effort required to loosen glow plugs.

Interflon Fin Super (aerosol)

Initial situation

When glow plugs become stuck, they can often only removed by brute strength. If the screw thread becomes damaged, the only option is to drill out the glow plug, which requires much effort. This involves roughly an hour of work at a cost of $80.

Our solution

The highly penetrating and rust-dissolving maintenance oil Interflon Fin Super (aerosol) was used. This oil dissolves the rust and creeps into the thread. When unscrewing, this reduces the resistance in the screw thread.


Since Interflon Fin Super (aerosol) has been used, 90% less work is required to loosen stuck glow plugs. This represents a saving of $72. As a preventive measure, the glow plug thread can be treated with Interflon Paste HT1200.

These customers already saved between 7 and 11%:


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