Less Lubrication Work Required For Excavators

Less Lubrication Work Required For Excavators

$30,532 Less Maint­enanc­e Costs For An Excavator.

Interflon Grease LS1/2

Initial Situation

The oil used previously had to be applied 1x a day and the consumption of 2 grease cartridges per day was standard practice in the maintenance of the excavator.

Our Solution

Interflon Grease LS1/2 was used. This grease is suitable for high loads and slow to moderately rapid movements, resists being squeezed out and prevents dust and dirt from penetrating the bearing.


By using Interflon Grease LS1/2, it has been possible to extend the lubrication interval to 1x per week and reduce grease consumption to 1 cartridge a week. This results in a saving of $30,532 in operating costs.

These customers already saved between 7 and 11%:


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