Protecting bearings on mulchers from excessive wear.

Protecting bearings on mulchers from excessive wear.

Savings of $20,364 on mulchers at a waste water treatment plant.

Interflon Grease MP2/3

Initial situation

Mulchers come into contact with water while working on the bank. High loads due to the waste water cause gasket failures. This leads to the grease being washed out. The two bearings had to replaced once a year and lubricated twice a day.

Our solution

The water and pressure resistant bearing grease Interflon Grease MP2/3 provided an optimal solution. The grease is not washed out by water, protecting the bearing from the penetration of dirt.


Since Interflon Grease MP2/3 has been used, the grease is no longer washed out. Lubrication intervals have been extended from twice a day to once a week. This means a reduction of $20,364 in the cost of maintenance and replacement parts.

These customers already saved between 7 and 11%:


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