Extension Of Lubrication Interval Of Excavators

Extension Of Lubrication Interval Of Excavators

$18,228 Saved On The Bearings In 14 Excav­ators­.

Interfon Fin Greaste LS2

Initial Situation

The bearings had to be lubricated 2x a day. Water washed out conventional grease. Sand and dirt penetrated the bearing pins and caused excessive wear.

Our Solution

Interfon Fin Greaste LS2 was used, which is a water and pressure resistant grease. This grease protects the lubrication points because it is not washed out and prevents the penetration of dirt and sand.


The use of Interfon Fin Greaste LS2 prevents the grease from being washed out. Dirt and sand no longer penetrate into the bearing. Lubrication intervals were extended to once a week. This resulted in a saving of $18,228 in bearing pins and time.