Less Wearing Of Spindles And Spindle Nuts

Less Wearing Of Spindles And Spindle Nuts

A Saving Of $8,340 In The Costs Of Repla­cemen­t Parts Has Been Achieved Through Optimal Lubri­catio­n

Interflon Lube TF

Initial Situation

Very high wearing of spindles in a paper factory. The high dust levels meant that lubrication was not possible because the dust adhered to the lubricant and led to the long hexagonal nut becoming stuck. A long hexagonal nut had to be replaced once a month

Our Solution

Interflon Lube TF was used: a dry lubricant for open lubrication points such as spindles, chains, cables, chutes, hinges and chucks. This product prevented adhesion of dust and dirt.


Since Interflon Lube TF has been used, a saving of $8,340 in replacement parts has been achieved. Dust no longer adheres and lubrication points remain clean. This provides protection against unnecessary wear.

These customers already saved between 7 and 11%:


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