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The people of Interflon are proud of what they can achieve with their customers. They want to be transparent and create realistic expectations. An honest and balanced picture of the value of our products for their customers are the starting point.

Interflon has an extensive and in-depth specialization in the field of lubrication and is able to reduce maintenance costs, realize energy savings and offer solutions for virtually any lubrication technical issue in almost every sector. Therefore, for Interflon employees each day is a positive challenge .

Interflon USA, Inc

Natashia PyshNatashia PyshOperations Manager
Wells CicilyWells CicilyCustomer Support Manager

Interflon America LLC, South East Operations

Servicing Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico

Margaret SchalkwykMargaret SchalkwykOperations Manager
Len SchalkwykLen SchalkwykSales Manager

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